What Clients Say

"I had been dealing with GI issues for years before I saw Taylor. I was extremely anxious in social situations because of my stomach issues. I remember dreading a girl’s trip I should have been looking forward to because I was worried I’d feel sick after every meal. I saw a gastroenterologist and had a colonoscopy but my doctor didn’t have any answers for me.

A friend recommended I see a dietitian so I scheduled an appointment with Taylor, but I had no idea what to expect. Taylor was very thorough and was able to determine why I developed stomach issues, and she provided diet guidelines and supplements to heal my gut and get me off my acid reflux medication. I’m thankful she was so thorough and asked a lot of questions – at first I didn’t mention the medication because I had no idea she could help me get off of it! The initial diet changes were overwhelming at first so Taylor offered alternatives to ease me into it, but when I left I decided to do things 100%. At my follow-up I was feeling so much better but I decided to do the MRT food sensitivity test to optimize my gut healing. Taylor helped me understand the results and how to strategically remove and reintroduce certain foods. It helped me identify specific foods that were problematic for me.

Thanks to Taylor my life has been forever changed. Now I can go eat with friends and not be anxious about feeling sick afterwards - I know which options work well for my body! I’m completely off my acid reflux medication and I no longer have to carry five different stomach medication in my purse at all times. This experience has made me healthier and happier. I highly recommend seeing Taylor and committing 100% to the process to get the best results. I believe it will change your life, like it did mine."
Alecia V
"Taylor is awesome. I could go on all day about how smart she is and how helpful she has been! When I first saw her my bowel movements were irregular, my skin was broken out, I wasn’t sleeping, I was bloated constantly and had abdominal pain everyday. I am happy to say that my bowel movements are regular, my skin is clear, I’m sleeping the best I have in years and I’m finally not bloated! If you struggle with GI issues, sleep, mood or looking to get healthy, please see Taylor. She is also really sweet and encouraging and really cared about me and my mental health as well as my overall health. She has been a life saver. Thank you Taylor for helping me so much!"
jenny M
"Taylor is such a gift. I was in such terrible shape when we met, with miserable stomach pains and constant illness and infections. She sat down and shared her extreme patience with me, as I was completely new to truly clean eating. She converted me from a vegetable hater to someone who has broccoli and chopped spinach with breakfast every single morning. She helped me with simple ideas to get me back on the right track, and literally, within a matter of days, my pain and symptoms of leaky gut were gone. It was incredible. Even now, months later, I have continued to maintain a pain-free stomach with a clean diet, and I owe it all to Taylor and her extensive knowledge. She helped me heal so fast that I only had to have two appointments with her, and now I just miss her and her calming presence! I will always be forever grateful to Taylor for finding the path to less pain with me."
Madison R
"I would definitely recommend working with Taylor! I've been seeing her for several months, and it was clear from our first appointment that she's extremely knowledgeable in functional nutrition. She takes the time to look at every piece of information you provide, no matter how insignificant you think it may be, and puts the puzzle pieces together in a way that makes it so much easier to understand how everything is connected."
Lauren B
"I have been working with Taylor for 6 months now and I am thrilled with the progress we have made. She had helped me establish an improved and consistent diet and provided with a regiment to heal a leaky gut. She has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to what the next 6 months have in store!"
Jennifer v
"Taylor has been amazing for me. I was on an extremely limited diet when I started seeing her and it was continuing to diminish. She's helped me repair my gut health. I have been able to work quite a few different foods into my diet. When I need suggestions on ideas for food, she's very quick to have recommendations. She always responds quickly to any questions I have. Ia m excited to have her help me on this journey. She's extremely knowledgeable. I also appreciate that her goal is to minimize my supplements and not just keep adding to them. I would highly recommend Taylor for anyone struggling with gut health or wanting to improve their diet and overall health."
Karen F
"Taylor is wonderful! She takes the time to listen to all of my questions, she stays up-to-date on current literature, and she is quick to respond when I message her with questions or concerns. I have been working with her less than three months and I am completely off a prescription medication I have been on for seven years. I am grateful to be seeing improvement with my health and working with a dietitian who cares deeply about her practice and clients!"
Melissa D
"The majority of doctors do not have any training or experience in nutrition or supplements. Yet one often reads, 'Consult your doctor'. Would you visit a person who is at dental school or would you rather visit a qualified dentist with years of experience?"

Taylor really listens during sessions and has very comprehensive knowledge. There is a "fortune" of information on the internet. But if your health so trivial that you listen to advice which is meant for the population at large and not for you personally?

If you truly want to start a healthier lifestyle - it's never too late - the least you could do, is to schedule an appointment with Taylor. It could well change your life."
Robbie M
"I love working with Taylor. She is more than a nutritionist - she is a life guide! She has the ability to determine your needs and come up with a workable plan. She also has so much knowledge of the science, which I truly appreciate!"
Sonya H
"My journey with Taylor began 8 months ago. I decided to see her because I'd long suffered from intestinal issues both in my daily life as well as in my races. I thought I was eating well but always felt bloated and knew that I was carrying too much weight despite having a very physical job and heavy triathlon training schedule. I had plateaued in my races and just didn't feel well.

Taylor tested me for food sensitivities/reactions and we went through the process of a food elimination diet. She was right there to guide me, answer all of my questions, and even gave me recipes when I needed them. Immediately, I started to feel better. My bloating subsided and my digestive system started working so much better. I started slowly adding in foods. Again, Taylor was there to assist me when I confused and never hesitated to answer all of my silly questions.

I had a race about 8 weeks after I started with her and my performance was so much better than I had anticipated. I began training for my second full Ironman in early January. By that time, I had reintroduced all the foods that I had eliminated and had totally restructured my diet. Taylor knowledgeably and expertly guided me through this change. There was much less sugar, and more good fats and protein. I thought it was going to be awful and I would be craving all the food I loved. It was the complete opposite! The new foods were delicious and I felt satiated all the time. I also thought it would be hard to follow, but it wasn't. Taylor made sure I understood how to prepare foods, what would work best for me, and when I should eat certain foods based upon my training schedule.

I dropped body fat and became efficient at burning fat, thereby needing less carbohydrates to maintain me during training. At my next race (a 70.3) I had my best bike and run time ever for a 15 minute PR. I wholly attest that it has to do with my new diet. My sleep patterns even improved. I had zero intestinal issues during races and didn't bonk at any point. At my Ironman, I improved my finishing time by 35 minutes and got a sub 4 hour marathon, all without any intestinal issues. All this is due to Taylor. I would highly recommend her for whatever reason you are looking to work with her. She is smart, easy to work with, has a vast field of knowledge, and is incredibly invested in making you feel your best. My daily life as well as my training and racing life has dramatically improved from working with her."
Colleen U
"Working with Taylor has been absolutely incredible! She’s knowledgeable, reachable, and super passionate about what she does. Before working with Taylor, I was working out rigorously and eating a super regimented diet based on various information I had found on the internet over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I was healthy and in adequate shape, but I didn’t feel my discipline was being displayed in my results. What I now realized is that I was trying to apply a “one-size-fits-all” diet to a specific individual...me. With Taylor’s expertise, I now have a nutrition plan that is 100% unique to me. Not only have the results shown, as I’ve finally been able to get over the bodyweight plateau I had been at for the past couple years, but I also feel so much more informed about what I’m putting in my body and what the benefits are. I’m also more excited about what I’m eating. No matter what your goals are, Taylor will help you get there. She’s worth every penny & I couldn’t recommend her enough!"
Kyle W
"Working with Taylor has been such an eye opening experience. I was shocked by how much room I had for improvement in my diet, and I learned that not all vitamins are necessary and some can actually have negative effects. Taylor provided diet and supplement recommendations as well as lifestyle changes to address my memory issue concerns and boost my energy levels. Now I feel confident making decisions about my diet because of the knowledge I gained, and I am on vitamins that address my specific needs. Having her as a consultant is a great reassurance and her guidance was more than worth the cost. I would highly recommend Taylor to my friends who want to live their life to the fullest!"
kathleen V
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