Plate and Canvas

How to eat real food and enjoy a beautiful life.


I’ve always had a passion for art.

But the white canvas is intimidating, staring blankly back. So many endless possibilities.

When I paint, I paint small “insignificant” brushstrokes one at a time. They build upon each other. I make mistakes along the way. I paint things I wasn’t planning on.

Then I step back.

It’s never exactly what I had pictured in my head, but those small brushstrokes work together to form a beautiful piece of art.


Through my experience with autoimmune disease and health issues that went along with it, I learned about the power of food as medicine.  I immersed myself in the world of nutritional science. I experienced how diet can impact the body. The canvas of my life was radically transformed. The dark, dull patches were painted over with bright splashes of color.

Along my health journey I also discovered my love for cooking. I was able to take that plate, that blank canvas, and transform it. I created dishes that tasted delicious and nourished my body back to health.



I would love to help you on your health journey, no matter what your “canvas” looks like today.


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