top 19 healthy christmas gifts for 2019

The 19 Best Healthy Christmas Gifts for 2019

Looking for healthy gifts to give this Holiday season? Look no further.

These are my 19 favorite healthy gift ideas for 2019. I own and love every single one of these products and I know whoever you give them to will love them too.

Plus, I scored a bunch of discount codes for you guys! Wooh whooooop!

1) Gift card to work with a functional medicine dietitian (me!)

Know someone who is struggling with health issues? Or maybe someone you know just wants to optimize their health? Buy them an e-gift card to work with me as a client! Gift cards are available for any dollar amount, and they can be used towards any of my services.

taylor stolt rdn ld clt gift card functional medicine dietitian

I know what you’re thinking – no, I technically don’t own this gift. But I pinky promise I own the rest!

2) Primally Pure Natural Deodorant and Body Butter

Primally Pure’s blue tansy deodorant is my absolute favorite non-toxic deodorant on the market. I’ve tried every natural deodorant out there but time after time they either didn’t work or they irritated my underarms. When I found Primally Pure two years ago I never looked back!

Their body butter is also the perfect thing for dry winter skin. I love the vanilla almond scent. And keep in mind – a little goes a long way!

Use the code “plateandcanvas” for 10% off your order!

primally pure body butter christmas gifts

3) Indigenous Roots Skincare and CBD Products

If you follow me on social media you know I’ve been a huge fan of Indigenous Roots since I discovered them at the Dallas Farmers Market two years ago. Her skincare line transformed my skin. Now my family and friends are hooked too!

All of her products are formulated with high-quality plant-based ingredients and ZERO additives or preservatives! I’ve seen alot of “natural” skincare products out there, but this is the very first company I’ve found that is actually 100% natural.

The trial-sized cleansing kit would make the perfect Christmas gift.

I also highly recommend her CBD line! The CBD roller and CBD balm are perfect for small areas (I love rubbing them on my neck before bed to release any tension from the day) and the Active Body Oil is great for sore or overworked muscles. She has different CBD strengths available so you can find something that would be perfect to gift plus fit your budget.

Use code “plate+canvas15” for 15% off your order!

indigenous roots christmas gift skincare

4) Thermotex Heating Pad

This infrared heating pad penetrates 10 times deeper than a traditional heating pad!

The infrared heat increases blood flow, which provides nutrients, oxygen and proteins to the area to relieve pain and inflammation. It’s great for stiff muscles, joint pain, old injuries, and overall inflammation.

I’ve used it on sore muscles after tough workouts, and it’s been a lifesaver in combination with my CBD supplement and topical CBD oil when my old neck injury flares up.

Use code “PLATEANDCANVAS30” for $30 off the platinum pad plus free shipping!

thermotex infrared heating pad christmas gift

5) Four Sigmatics Coffee

Did you know there could be 42 different pesticides used on your coffee beans? Worse, many coffee-growing countries still use pesticides banned in the US and Europe. Many pesticides used on coffee beans are ranked by the World Health Organization as “highly hazardous” and “extremely hazardous” due to their link to cancer and nerve damage over time.

I love that Four Sigmatics is not only organic, but they also test their beans for mold, heavy metals, and yeast in third-party certified laboratories. They add lion’s mane and chaga mushroom to support productivity, focus, and creativity. Plus it tastes absolutely delicious!

four sigmatic coffee organic mushroom christmas gift

6) Joi Almond Base for Homemade Almond Milk

This creamy nutbase made of 100% blanched almonds or cashews can make fresh, homemade nutmilk in 30 seconds!

The best part? Only ONE ingredient! No added preservatives, thickeners, or other chemicals unlike all of the alternative milks at the store.

I love using the almond base for almond milk and I love that I can mix it up anytime I want – I sometimes add dates or other sweeteners, cinnamon, or vanilla extract. You can tweak the nutbase to water ratio and use it for a coffee creamer too. The cashew base is great for cashew milk but my favorite way to use it is for creamy cashew sauces. The shelf life is over one year so it’s easy to store in the pantry without taking up fridge space!

Use code “taylorstolt10” for 10% off your order!

joi almond milk nutbase christmas gift 2019

7) Nutribullet Pro Blender

I’ve used a Nutribullet Pro blender for four years now and I still love it! It always blends well and cleanup is so so easy (traditional blenders are such a pain to clean!). Not only can you use it for smoothies, it’s also great for sauces and making homemade almond milk.

If you purchase it on Amazon (shoutout to two-day shipping) it comes with a free hardcover recipe book, and there are alot of color options to choose from!

nutribullet blender christmas gift

8) Foam Roller

In high school I worked with a trainer who introduced me to foam rollers. After seeing how big of a difference it made in my muscle recovery and flexibility I purchased one for myself, and my foam roller stayed by my side all throughout high school and collegiate track. I still have the same foam roller today! (It’s a gift that keeps on giving)

Foam rolling is great for exercise beginners, expert athletes, and everyone in between. I own the small foam roller, but long foam rollers are available as well!

foam roller healthy christmas gift

9) The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

Know someone who’s busy? Burnt out? Stressed? This book is just what they need.

I don’t know about you but 2019 has flown by for me, and I fear I’ll look back on my life in 50 years and it will be a big blurry memory. This book has forever changed the way I do life – it has shown me how to live in a slower, simpler way in the midst of the chaos. It’s packed with wisdom (I think I literally underlined half of the book haha) and I know I’ll read it again and again.

the ruthless elimination of hurry book christmas gift

10) Professional-Grade CBD Oil

Know someone struggling with sleep, anxiety or pain? Buy them some CBD!

CBD oil is the must-have item in 2019, but there are alot of really bad CBD products out there. Not only could they be contaminated with things like bacteria, mold and heavy metals, they may be fake and even deadly. The Center for Disease Control reported 52 deaths from fake CBD in 2017-2018 in Utah alone! I have used ECS therapeutics CBD for anxiety, sleep and pain and had tremendous results. I love having a high-quality, professional-grade CBD oil I can trust.

Order liquid CBD or CBD capsules with this phone number!

professional grade cbd oil christmas gift

11) Bean Envy Milk Frother

I use this frother every single day. I use it to blend cinnamon, almond milk and collagen peptides into a delicious foam on top of my coffee. I use it to blend my matcha to perfection. I’ve even used it to make delicious sauces for my meals! Pair this frother with a cute mug and your favorite coffee/matcha for a super cozy Christmas gift.

bean envy milk frother christmas gift

12) Innersence Non-Toxic Hair Products

I started receiving a lot of compliments on my hair after I started using Innersence hair products and I don’t believe it’s a coincidence! I use their “I Create Hold” and “Quiet Calm Curl Control” every day and I don’t plan on ever using anything else. They use certified-organic plant ingredients in all of their products, and I love the heart behind their brand.

I have curly hair but they have lots of products for straight hair, wavy hair, thick and thin, and everything in between!

innersense non-toxic hair care products christmas gift

13) Pixel Blue Light Glasses

Here’s a scary stat – On average we spend over 30,000 hours a year looking at screens. Exposure to blue light from screens is linked to eye fatigue, blurry vision, dry eyes, headaches, migraines, and sleep disturbances.

I use Pixel lenses to filter blue light, keep my eyes healthy, and improve my sleep quality. AND they’re super flattering. They have tons of styles to choose from in multiple colors, and they even carry kid models.

Use code “taylorstolt5” for $5 off any Pixel eyewear order!

pixel eyeware blue light glasses christmas gift

14) Gua Sha Stone

I start every day by applying a nourishing plant-based skin serum and using a gua sha stone to give my face a few minutes of TLC.

Gua sha has loads of benefits including relieving muscle tension in the face, boosting blood circulation, smoothing fine lines/wrinkles, and encouraging lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness (something I’ve always struggled with in the AM).

A gua sha stone plus some all-natural skincare would be the perfect gift for any skincare fanatic!

gua sha stone christmas gift

15) Fab Fit Fun Box

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box which is filled with over $200 of full-size fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle products. I gifted this to my sister two Christmases ago and not only did she get a box full of products she loved (she still reorders and uses many of the products today!), sitting together while she customized the box was so much fun.

You can wait and order it together on Christmas day so they can pick and choose the contents, or you can order by December 12th to surprise them with the box itself!

Use code “SPRINGLOVE” for $10 off your first box!

fab fit fun box winter 2019 christmas gift

16) Classpass

The perfect gift for fitness lovers! Classpass is a monthly membership to over 30,000 gyms and fitness studios worldwide. You can purchase different “levels” of points, and redeem those points for classes. And there’s no commitment – you can cancel your membership at any time if you ever decide Classpass isn’t for you.

I use Classpass every month. I love being able to choose from yoga, pilates, bootcamp, spin and more. And their app makes scheduling simple and convenient!

Click here to purchase a gift card with the amount of your choice- the recipient can use it towards any Classpass membership!

classpass gift card fitness christmas gift

17) Mug With Tea Infuser and Lid

This cute tea mug has a built in infuser. Many tea infuser mugs have a shallow infuser, but this infuser goes deep into the cup so there’s plenty of room for your tea to expand. I also use this mug for regular tea bags – the lid makes it so easy to steep!

It’s the perfect mug for a fresh cup of coffee too. Busy after you pour your morning joe? Use the lid as a way to seal in the heat!

It comes in many colors, but teal is my personal favorite!

sweese mug with infuser and lid christmas gift

18) The Game of Things

Laughter is medicine! The Game of Things is a favorite among my family and friends. The award-winning party game gives players hilarious topics like “things… you wouldn’t do for a million dollars” and each player writes whatever comes to mind. Then you try to figure out who said what!

If you don’t gift it, buy it for yourself and bring it to play at a Christmas party!

19) Jesus Calling Devotional

Gift the gift of a healthy spirit!

This devotional is near and dear to my heart. I have read it year after year but God always uses it in new ways, always telling me exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it.

Reading it each morning changes the rest of my day in the best kind of way. This is the perfect gift for anyone, no matter what life looks like!

jesus calling devotional christmas gift

More Healthy Gift Ideas

Want to check out my other favorite products for gift ideas? Here are more products I love!

* Some of these products are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I get a commission if you click through and make a purchase. But ALL products are products I love, regardless of whether or not I make that small commission. I promise I will never support or advertise a product unless I have used it and love it myself!